Child-Sibling Discount Tuition Quincy

Siblings enjoy a $5 savings per month, and pay no registration fee. Quantity should reflect the number of children registered. Quincy location. Must register at least two children that are brothers or sisters.

Membership includes classes sewing instruction for one calendar month in a designated class day.  Fabric charges are not included in your membership charge.  Multiple student discount is only available to siblings attending classes. Quincy location.

Memberships are billed from the begining of a month through the last day of that month.  If a student starts their membership in the middle of a month, there will be a credit issued to the student's account proportional to the time missed.

  • In Stitches children’s sewing class prices are based on a 9 month term which is billed and paid monthly.
  • Some months will have 3 classes and some will have 5, but each time slot will have the same amount of classes per 9 month term. 
  • No refunds or discounts will be given for missed classes, but each child will be offered up to three make-ups per year. 
  • Missed classes will be made up by appointment only. Never drop off your child outside their weekly class time without prior approval! 
  • See class schedule page for scheduled days off. Scheduled days off are not always subject to make-up, again, each time slot will receive the same amount of class hours by year-end. 
  • Call 617-770-1267617-770-1267 for closings due to weather. Classes cancelled due to weather will be made up.
  • Fabric is not included with tuition. Although we do offer fabric for sale at our store, we are not a fabric store. We encourage our students to purchase fabric wherever they like. If children need fabric, we will provide enough for the project they are working on and bill it with the next month’s tuition. 
  • Class space is limited and can only be reserved with payment. Call for availability. 
  • We will send out e-mail statements a few days before the beginning of the month reflecting fabric and tuition charges due at the first class of the month. Reminders will then be sent out weekly for overdue balances. In Stitches accepts secure online payments by credit card or check, and in store payments of cash, check or credit card. If you don’t have e-mail, we will send your statement by mail. A $10.00 late fee will be added for accounts that are 30 days past due.

*Important: Availability is not guaranteed on the day you are selecting.  We will do our best to fit you into the slot of your choice and will notify you if your selection is not available.


Child-Sibling Discount Tuition Quincy
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Price $70.00